One Way To Catch Nursing Home Abuse

One of the most difficult events to catch and then prove is Nursing Home Abuse. But this article describes how it can be done- at least one way- and why you might want to consider doing it yourself.

Elder abuse does not just happen in nursing homes or long-term care facilities. It can happen in a home healthcare situation where a caregiver can abuse the patient too. There is all sorts of documented evidence to support the epidemic of elder abuse against our seniors. Next to babies, they are the most vulnerable of all of our citizens. And they are in the fastest-growing segment of our population.

It has been estimated that as many as one out of every three nursing home patients has been the victim of some type of abuse and it doesn’t have to be physical. The abuse can be mental, verbal or something as simple as withholding food or medication.

The best way to document elder abuse anywhere is with a hidden camera that has a DVR included to record all the action.

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